72 hours fast.

For a while I wanted to do this again, but my husband is not as charmed by fasting that lasts longer from 20/24 hours. The last days many 'collective' fasts work on Instagram in which I always tagged. I am not a team player, Let's face it, so kept me aloof. In addition, I have also been reducing my antipsychotics since 1 week so at the beginning of this week had that phrase (and really physically reinforcing) absolute priority.
After I had eaten a tad too much on Wednesday afternoon I gave up Rob that I wanted to do it now. He didn't say yes or no, but in the end a kind of a mammal took. While we looked series we still ate a drink board with (extra) fats and proteins and then I started at 8:25 PM on Wednesday evening 3 March at 8:20 PM.
Shortly thereafter my dear Instagram girl joined @zerosugarbar to me. To do something like that with two I think. Barbara has opened up to me in a short time, and I to her. So, without a team assignment, we meet these 60 hours together. With clear agreements that when 1 of us feels physically, it is stopped with it. I don't expect too much. We are both in ketosis and can live from our own fat. The biggest challenge is 'The Mind'
It seemed to me to take you during this 60 hours.
It is now Thursday morning 9 o'clock and I caught myself in the kitchen that I wanted to add MCT to my coffee. There was the first mindfuck, and that is the whole challenge for me.
Be stronger than my brain. There my goal lies.
I find the pursuit of autophagy absolutely wonderful, but I still choose to 'eat' bouillon / salt water during this 60 hours. At the dinner moment, from a deep plate.
And I do that for 2 reasons.
A: My body is doing well that 'salty meal'
B: I want to show my children that I choose to eat salt, even though they know that I get stuck, and I think the moment of dinner is important and I spend with them at the table. A clean water supply is Next-level for me. Who knows next time. For now it is really challenging my brain.
It is now 1 pm and I just 'wake up' from my irritable hour. I still have little hungry. That is of course partly due to the fact that I am already in ketosis, but with me the idea that it is not at the time that it is not being eaten very much. Do not calculate macros, do not consider meals. No, a sign of Bouillon and That's it. Because the end is far from sight, my stomach does not start to evoke food. Tomorrow evening that will be a completely different story I fear. Although then actually fear the wrong word. Just like I see my entire keto-journey as an adventure, a "outing" is like a fixed egg fast, or macros also let me an adventure. What happens to your body, what happens to your mindset, where you can get against or perhaps even at all. You learn to look at yourself, observe your behavior. And from there you can continue to build on the rest of your journey.
It's 20 hours and 30 I went to bed. I experience a chill through my body. What a combination will be of deep ketosis and that brown fat is activated thereby. I'm not hungry, do not be silly and have plenty of energy. I realize that if I'm awake I am tomorrow half, but also realize that Friday is often the most intense day at home. That is, kids are tired from school and Rob is only about 19hrs home. In between, they are so 'me'. Incentives often mean that I want to eat. What a nonsense really eh. That is the mental hunger that I often talk about. Emotion food. This brings us back to the reason for the firm, because even though I will not reach autophagy by the broth indeed I experience deep ketosis and the mind fuck that brings a solid cause. That mind fuck, is instructive.
And then suddenly it's Friday 21 pm and 30 is the day flew by. I experienced no physical hunger today. Incentives I feared were very bad. It even seemed as if I could be better to just go with it because I had something distracted me. In the morning I had a call that was delicious. In the afternoon I received a 'friend' some shit thrown on me and instead of acting impulsively, to get angry and go to dinner, I thanked her for her bullshit. I have a drink, and went further back where I left off. I was proud. Very proud.
I feel in the evening some anxiety to get to sleep, but it also has to do with the discontinuation of antipsychotics which of course is only fairly recently underway. When 16x times thinking 'I can not sleep, I can not sleep you fall asleep more difficult. But my head is not dark. The pingpongt but no dark ping.
Now we have to do on Saturday, anything, and tonight at 20 h 20 I break my fast. I've done over 72 hours. Actually I had this morning my fix may break 60 hours. But want to do 72 hours, had long been in my mind. A permanent break in the morning felt strange, then it at 66 or 68 o'clock break I actually found sin. So I decided, as long as my body would allow, by trying to pull up to 72 hours. Under murmur of Rob. Indicating that it actually was not the deal.
I have the Saturday behind us and experiencing no physical hunger. I see in the mirror that I am very dry and my body really his own fat to consume. I'm bursting with energy, not feel faint, have no headache or dizziness. I feel physically as if it would still take very long. Mentally, however, you feel, yes there is minfuck again, that is the end in sight. And to that end immediately the thoughts of food. That I break my fast? What is it later on my board shorts? I count or not macros later?
But now, do not eat after 72 hours, I know I'm stronger than thought. All thoughts. I know I do not need food to dealing with emotions. I see, feel, experience that my body is incredibly ingenious machine that can handle everything. A bizarre mechanism which generate power by itself knows when it just does not get outside. A machine which produces ketones, as if he has not done nothing in 32 years. A machine that lets me run, let walk my children to wear and allow care of my family. A machine that let me live. Apart from that big kink in my head, I'm proud of my body. The inner mechanism I mean.
I feel strong and my strength. That feeling I go, already gnawing on a salami, equally tasty act on me.


  • Posted on by Euny

    Zoveel respect voor jou en Barbara

  • Posted on by Faat

    Lieve Bibi,
    Zo ongelofelijk trots op jou!!
    X Faat

  • Posted on by Keto.monnie

    Ik bewonder jouw kracht en doorzettingsvermogen en Geweldig hoe je het doet.💪👌😍🌺

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