Keto citizens

Who says you can't eat civilians with keto, it says it anyway!

This is just a delicious citizen :)

So simple, you actually can't even call it a recipe, but I inspired you at my time instagram or website For even more recipes ❤️


What do you need for 2 citizens;
- 4 quater pounders with the butcher without breadcrumbs
- 1 large onion
- arugula let melange
- 1 tomato
- CallowFit Mayo Style
- CallowFit Curry Ketchup
- Butter
- Grove pepper
Heat a little butter in a frying pan, cut the onions into rings and bake it golden brown.
Sprinkle citizens with coarse pepper.
Then heat a frying pan with butter and bake the citizens for about 6 minutes on medium heat, so the medium was baked.
If you prefer to have them through fried, bake them for 8-10 minutes.
Place a bed of lettuce ready on a beautiful sign, put a little fried onion on it.
Then the 1 citizen, 2 slice of tomato, even more fried onion, sauces and then close with the 2nd citizen.
Enjoy your meal.
Nutritional value 1/2:
- KCAL 623
- KHD 7.6
- Egg 32.3
- Fat 51.5
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