Choco-Choco Lama!

I have said it more often. Sometimes I don't understand that I have my money from that much to last ketochocolade because making it yourself just ál time is better. You just have to make something in so much time. I always keep it in the freezer and have nice chocolate in stock for a long time.

This time I made dark chocolate, but even milk and white is possible.

The recipe is actually too easy for words and with the nice shapes in, for example, one lama Forms or the small dinosaursyour chocolates are completely cozy. You can also order special ChocolateChipMolds. Very handy to always have your own chips at home.

And so I don't mean the potato chips.

As I always say, you can learn to vary. This also applies to this recipe. Alternate with herbs, chili, cinnamon, or add nuts. You can't imagine it so much!

The only thing you have to do is:
100 grams of cocoa butter on a low heatto melt
Add, 35 grams of erythritol (possibly a little more, or somewhat liquid sweet if you want your chocolate a bit sweeter), 65 grams of cocoa powder and 1/2 tbsp vanilla extract.

Child can do the wax right?

Enjoy it!
Love, Bibi

And if you count macros. Always calculate the macros from your own products.





  • Posted on by monique
    Hoe maak je de melkchocolade variant?

    dit recept is namelijk super makkelijk en lekker.

  • Posted on by Maaike

    Ooh super dit.
    Dank je wel voor het recept. 🤗

  • Posted on by Ann


  • Posted on by Euny

    Geniaaaaaaalll 🤤🤤🤤🤤

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