Choco gingerbread nut paste with mcct !!

MCT stimulates the production of ketones from the inside. Did you know? It is genius stuff. It feeds, fills and gives energy. I love it!

I already hit a recipe for a long time ago Manon. A speculation pan that I really wanted to make. Today she celebrates her 6th birthday Instagram and I thought it was time to finally get started.

Of course I did not follow the recipe exactly, because yes, I'm your keto balance bibi, and tracking recipes is not my strongest side.
I gave the recipe my own twist, and so added Mct, and cocoa. Gotta love it!

You make this pasta very easy, and you can eat it good at one ketobus, with you ketopap, or the frozen portions nice as a 'snack'.

You need this:
175 grams of almonds
25 grams of erythritol (optionally supplement with liquid sweet to taste)
20 grams of cocoa
1.5 tbsp cookie spices
30 grams MCT Red Vanilla with AStaxanthin (you can replace this with ordinary MCT)

You actually have to roast the almonds 10 minutes at 180 ° C as Manon tells her recipe, but I didn't have the patience.

I did all ingredients, with a lot of salt in a blender and explained it while I always added some water (about 40 ml totally) to smooth pasta.

This water is perfectly replaced by oil, but I got that this would be a recipe that I could remain difficult, and kept it with water. That limits that damage what if I would eat everything in one go on one go.

I keep half in the fridge, the other half I have frozen in bonbo papets. Delicious as a snack.



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