The k-spot. Fact or fable ??

A bit laughing is always done, if I drop the word 'K Spot' in the live from keto balance. Of course because people think immediately in totally different things. However, what I mean by the 'k-spot' is a place in your body that you feel that you are or from ketose.

Sophie, (running.s.low.on.carbs) at / with whom the 'K-Spot' was born, and I both experience it and always talked about it. Although everyone explained to us, we can really feel our body when we are in ketosis.

Sophie says:
"I feel it on my throat at the thyroid gland. If I'm kicked from ketosis and go back into it after a day or 3-4. Or when I go from a low / average ketose to a deep go. As if a head is in my throat. I always want to ignore it but that is not. "

For myself, that feeling is mainly under my arkes. It seems like they are a bit deeper than usual. I also feel it to my muscles / bones Everything seems some tighter / dryer when I am deep in food kettle.

I asked for the experiences of others on Instagram. Sophie and I were the only husk or are really many more people who feel ketosis in their body. Most reactions were like that of EVA:

How do I feel that I am in ketosis? It is difficult to describe but apart from brightness and energetic I feel especially in my mouth. It is a kind of 'thirsty' feeling. A dry mouth but not again.

The clear of mind, and more sharper came forward more often. @Annajohvos called her head for water when she is out of ketosis. Just fasting, moving well and often her heart literally makes a leap and then she is in ketosis again.

@Joycevanguiven often responded to the chat and explained her feeling from:That feeling when you blow your elbow miserable, telephone barrel effect. That feeling, but then a very pleasant effect in the elbow. Tint type. That's how it feels like me. One time full of both elbows. The other times 1 more than others dominated.

@ Fluffes.KetoKeuken also has a remarkable K spot.
I have a place on my forehead, above my eyes.
Every morning when I drank my coffee with MCT, the wonderful feeling starts. A sort of tickle. I call it my ketocriebel and then I get a huge boost energy ...

@Sandra_Hendriks said:
When I'm in ketosis I will no longer make my sights off, and I can't get into words. Her partner even notes it to talk to her when she gets into deep ketosis.

All in all, the many reactions showed that Sophie and I are not so strange at all. Numerous reactions originate that people do not experience when he is in or out of ketosis.
Nice yet that our body tells us that?

Do you notice it to yourself?

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