Fatshake recipe

On Instagram we see more and more beautiful fatshake recipes come by. We are so happy by surprising that we have a giveaway linked to it. Of course I couldn't stay lagging behind.

It is a large oopsia-like cake!
Mét fatshake, chocolate, marble effect. I see here in just plus points, additional advantage. You make it very easy!

You need this:
65 grams of cream cheese, for example Philadelphia, or goldessa
3 eggs
10 grams of cocoa powder
30 grams Keto balance fatshake 
15 grams of coconut flour

- Split the eggs and beat the egg whites with some baking powder and a pinch of salt.
- Mix the egg yolks together with the cream cheese, coconut flour and the fatshake.
- Fold the yolk mixture through the proteins
- Splits in two and mix through half the cocoa
- Fold the light mixture through the dark mixture

Fry it for 20 minutes to 150° C and then turn up the oven to 170 ° C about 10 minutes until it is nicely golden brown.

With these fine macros you can in theory to eat the cake in 1x. Who would not want that?


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