Keto soup

Say themselves, with these drizzly days everyone wants a souppie?

This is the third recipe from Moniek what I can place. Sent with the first soup at the same time Monk Also a bell pepper soup. Through the red vegetables a bit higher in carbohydrates but with the greasy of the crème fraîche a great keto soup.

Grilled bell pepper tomato soup
Ingredients for 1 person
- 150 g grilled bell pepper
- 60 g tomatoes
- 30 g onion
- 30 g crème fraîche
- 1 tsp Purated garlic
- 1/2 El Vadouvan herbs (greengypt syaps)
- 1 tsp spice it up herbs (greengyp syaps)
- 1 tsp smoked paprika powder
- Pepper and salt
- 50 ml of water

Heat 10 grams of butter with the 5 ml of olive oil

Fry the onion and garlic lightly, add the spices together with the bell pepper and tomato and bake.

Now add the water and the crème fraîche and let it simmer, puree it with a hand blender.

Serve it with fresh herbs and some extra crème fraîche or cream cheese.

Enjoy your meal!


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