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A versatile recipe we got sent from Blackbird Merel_keto.lowcarb.journey. A kebab boat!
That's for the evenings with a side salad, but what about as an accompaniment to the drinks shelf? That is what everybody!

Look also went on Instagram Blackbird for more delicious recipes!

What do you need to also make this treat!
150 g grated Mozzarella
30 gr cream cheese
50 g almond flour
1 egg
Garlic powder
300 gr shaormavlees
20 g chopped tomatoes (canned)
50g grated cheese old
1 bell pepper
1 red onion
Turn on the heating of the oven to 200 degrees, and between the container under shaormavlees overcooked with the paprika.
Melt the mozzarella with cream cheese au bain marie
may optionally also be 30 seconds in the microwave.
If the cheese is completely melted, add the almond flour, spices (to taste) and the egg to it and knead it into a dough.
Let the dough cool down for 15 minutes so that he becomes less sticky.
Roll out the dough between two bakpapiertjes then out.
Put in the middle of your dough the tomatoes just smearing because the shaorma with paprika (like 1 good scoop behind), then sprinkle the cheese and the onion rings and lastly the beautiful divide the last pieces shaorma.
Fold the bare pieces of dough over the filling, but you do not need him to close so it's still a pig
Put all this for 20/30 minutes in the oven just keep an eye on.
When it's done you serve it with a nice salad and some garlic (callowfit) ..
We eat here with the two of ..
Have fun making and of course eat ♡
Will you make this nice boat? Let us know and share it on social tagged @ merel_keto.lowcarb.journey and. @ketobalans!




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