I quit.

I quit. And it feels like hallelujah!

It has been almost a year since I quit drinking. February 14th 2020. The day I stopped drinking for good. That's me gone relatively easy and that decision was one of the greatest gifts I have ever given myself.

Next Sunday is the first year ago and it is now time to myself the second major gift to give.

When I started ketogenic food is always me that easily gone, I had no cravings, weight flew off. I had no extreme hunger, no trouble with the smell of freshly baked bread, no problem with kids who ate sugar. To me when I was on my first target weight of 66kg, I decided from that day carefully occasional maltitol could eat, and perhaps sometimes cheatday. One big mistake.

Somewhat caved in under the pressure of the society. Because you're not always ketogenic food? You have to make yourself do and what to give? No more pie's not fun? You can surely sometimes eating one cookie?

From that day, sometime in August Sug struggle with the Sugar Monster, from that day remains my head invent excuses to be able to eat only sugar. If I am (my second) goal weight. Because my child's birthday. Because it's Christmas or whatever. Continue my head knows how to create a situation in life where it would be at once acquiesced to eat sugar. Just as it did with alcohol addiction, and previously with my drug addiction. The junk in me knows inexcusable behavior which is not good. Clumsy approve behavior. Turning, squirm, excuses. Bibi stop this.

Always in and out of ketosis, the scale is further lowered to 59, but my body did not feel good, my head did not feel right. I do not eat sugar, I do not in ketosis, and yet it still happened. Just as I no longer wanted to drink wine but nevertheless always continued to do someday. Addicted they call it.

Along with Bianca (@mijnketolifestyle) we continue to look for solutions. How repacking me. But in every way we tried my head was already working: But if this is, or if there is it. Then you can have sugar again. Girl WRONG, WRONG. Because it works so do not seem to me so.

I tried it for months now and I simply can not. I can not eat one cookie. I can not 1x a little cake. Just as I could never drink any wine. The here and now admit that the sugar is also just an addiction, I do not like weakness, but as a kind of eureka Moment. This is the problem, and this I'm going to tackle.

If you want to stop drinking, because you exhibit addictive behavior, do you not 'stop until your birthday, "or" just stop with vodka, but on Saturday or wine. It is not working. For me it is not working. So I know what I have to do.

Like many people who ketogenic food always will "strive" to sometimes eating a bag of chips, a sandwich or a piece of cake. That, to me, what I have to let go. Because it does not work. I can not do that. I walk on solid and I do not want it.

As you start when you stop drinking often remark that gets you best can drink some wine, "or it can cozy. I opt-out now Mathews to go through this period, but in the field of nutrition. I do not cake because I'm on weight, and I do not need cookies because it's Christmas. It does not feel good to me and it's not just one cookie. Never. Because apparently the addiction to me stronger than another.

So this is what I should do. This is what I'll do. I'm not a 'goodbye' to take more because that would just be an excuse to eat sugar again. It's done for me. As I was fine without wines without vodka or irish coffee, I can fine without sugar, no pasta and no bread.

No more cheatdays, no 'ah today it can be', and it 'never' doesn't sound to me as disastrous, But just like a lighting. Just like when I said to myself that I never had to drink again. That does not feel like punishment, or as something frightening, but as a liberation. I don't have to cheat because that feels good. I don't have to eat a cake because another one feels better there. I don't have to eat sugar because a random foodie is against restrictions.

Everything can be replaced to a ketovery, and with that, just like in the first months of my keto adventure, be strong and satisfied

Tell Everybody I'm On My Way
And I'm Loving Every Step I Take.

Love, Bibi


  • Posted on by Faat (fantastiketo)

    Lieve Bibi,
    Wat een ontzettende PowerVrouw ben jij!! Jij neemt de stap die vele ook zouden willen maken, maar het niet durven. Jij kan dit en dat weet je, vol vertrouwen ga je door! Heel erg bedankt dat je ons meeneemt in jouw verhaal zodat wij kunnen leren van jou en misschien op een dag ook durven kiezen voor onze eigen beste versie!! 💪🏾🧡

  • Posted on by Sophie

    Hoi Bibi, wat een verhaal! Ik hoop dat je trots bent op hetgeen je op dit moment hebt bereikt. Jij moet wel een enorme sterke vrouw zijn. Niet langer terugkijken, maar vooruit! Het beste moet nog komen.

  • Posted on by Natasja

    En zo is het! Jij bent een individueel persoon, jij weet het allerbeste wat goed is voor jou en je lichaam!
    Pak alles op wat je tegenkomt en waar je je goed bij voelt en koester dat.
    Emoties en eten, pffff dat is echt de duivel op je schouder, trust me I know, been there and still struggling, maar met jou wijze woorden, jou verwoorden van je gevoelens en waar je tegen aan loopt, geef je mij zo’n gigantische duw in de richting van waar ik naar toe wil. En daarvoor ben ik je zeer dankbaar!! ❤😘

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