Keto Candy!

I saw this earlier this week Instagram page of Ritathe candy. For a long time I wanted to make them but I get too economical once and time again with my flavor as my gelatin. Which got something goodies, but not really candy structure.

Thanks to the tips from Rita it has now been successful and I share the recipe with all love with you. I bases more than my recipes on Rita recipes. I definitely recommend that you Her website Neuzen around!

You make the sweets with bolerolimonade, or another (sugar-free) flavoring and gelatin powder. HALLELUJA, NO MALTITOL !!!

- Put 33gram gelatin powder away in 120ml water
- Make 120 ml bolero On, with 1 bag, or very sweet ranja.
- Heat the flavored liquid and add the gelatin to it.
- Put in the fridge and remove them (in my case the next day) from the molds.

Really a sweet temptation, what, pretty close to real sweets. I will certainly make them more often in multiple flavors.

Fun fact: Did you know that I never measured my gelatin in my macros but now that I am increasingly using I have deepened in the nutritional value. Gelatin supplies proteins, and in my case I like to keep an eye on it, because yes, you are a macromut or you are not!


Nice and safe sweets! Love!




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