Macado Granola Fudge

I made this week, really delicious, Granola fudge.

On my instagramp page I already declared it. With making this delicious recipe in the month of March you have a chance to win a set of macado granola Gold and chocolate. You can all read what you have to do for that before instagram

The recipe asks just a little more time than a bowl of yogurt with granola prepare in the morning, but it is easy to save and even freeze. That way you always have a delicious snack at hand.

What you need for this delicious fudge is the following:
- 90 grams of butter
- 70 grams of almond flour (take the brand with the least KHD)
- 5 grams of psyllium fiber
- 20 grams of linseed
- 45 grams of ery-pure steviala
- 200 ml whipped cream
- 55 grams Ery-Bronze Steviala
- 80 grams of macado granola gold
- 2.5 leaf gelatin

You made the fudge in two parts and starts with the cookie bottom. Heat to start the oven for 180° C

Melt 40 grams of butter and mix it with 70 grams of almond flour, 5 grams of psyllium fibers, 20 grams of linseed and 45 grams of erythritol. Divide this over a cake mold covered with baking tin (22 cm).
Finish until he is gold brown. About 15 minutes.

While the bottom is cooling you get started with your fudge low.
Tip: If you don't want your house blue state, the smoke detector goes, kicking kisses hysterically and your 12 year old dog gets an attack, then keep it and make sure he doesn't cook.

- Place the leaves gelatin in cold water to soak
- In a saucepan 200 ml of whipped cream, 50 grams of butter, 55 grams of ery-bronze and bring it to the boil on medium heat. This is best to simmer, gently, simmer. Calculate at a minute or 15.

- Spread 65 grams of the granola over the baked biscuit base
- When you see that the caramel mixture starts in the dikken you add the (squeezed) gelatin and let it simmer until it is fast until it is dissolved. After about 20 minutes the fudge is ready and you can cast it over the granola. Please note, this is hot!

- Divide the remaining granola over the bar and let it cool in the fridge for hours.

I myself only cut it into 12 cubes the next day and then done in the freezer. The latter mainly because I know myself, something with discipline. He will certainly be sustainable for a few days. Airtight in normal cooling.

Are you going to make this granola? We look forward to your creations!



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