MCT coffee rolls.

Under the Instagram Post of Keto balance about MCT I also often asked: which MCT do I use, where do you use all different forms.

To give another example here, I made sandwiches with MCT latte. You have this from Mattisson orGo-keto, probably also have more notice this.

Always keep in mind when cooking or baking with MCT that it is better not above 177° C is heated. At least I always learned that.

These sandwiches are very easy to make. With the given recipe I made 2, (pretty filling) sandwiches in a tartelette form. You can also opt for, for example, 4 sandwiches in a muffin form. The sandwiches have the taste of coffee, and taste delicious with butter and erythritol. Or with almond paste and sambal.
Or of course with Homemade chocolate pasta That also contains MCT!

For the coffee rolls:
- 2 eggs
- 20 grams MCT - Latte
- 1tl pure instant coffee (take care of a mix without sugars!)
- 40 grams of crème fraîche
- Baking powder snuff

Just put the hand blender here. Then stir in 25 grams of psyllium fiber and 35 grams of chia seeds.

Bake them at 170°C, and minute or 25.

I am curious what creations you all make with it!
Enjoy your meal!


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