Keto Granola Bars

I love granola bars, they are pretty easy to take along as a snack.

You can also make them of course in so many ways so I would say go there with good experiment!

also mn website and mn instagram pages are still several variants.


- 50 gr macadamia
- 30 g pecans
- 30 gr seed mix
- 1 tbsp cake and gingerbread spices
- 1 TL Vanilla aroma
- 2 tbsp coconut oil for chocolate
* You can add optional course you add extra nuts or nuts replaced by others, do good to experiment and add your own flavor to it :)
Chop all the nuts are small, the smaller more compact the bar.
Melt in a saucepan the nut paste with coconut oil, first add the spices and vanilla flavor, as well melted, add the nuts, seeds, granola and sweet and caramel added.
Pour into a greased cake tin and put in the refrigerator.
Melt the chocolate with 2 tablespoons coconut oil, in order to make it more fluid.
Pour the chocolate over the nuts and let it harden in the refrigerator.
Enjoy your meal!
Nutritional 1/10:
- 205 kcal
- Khd 3.1
- Egg 4.3
- Fat 17.8
Did you make these notes bars or a variant of it? I would love it if you share on social media, I can tag you in it with @keto_ilona

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