You can learn to vary!

If you eat ketogenic, there are numerous possibilities to give yourself something goodies. There are various websites with delicious baking. I really love the guilt-free recipes as I always call them. Wherever you can't eat only 1 very small piece of. But that you can simply move everything you make so without jeopardizing macros.

I also think that's nice The recipe for chocolate When you make it yourself. Because it contains such cool macros, it is almost always in your day schedule. It is almost just fat. And the basic recipe shouts for variation. Add nuts, chili, cinnamon, or what do you think of some sea salt?
Last week I made cheese crackers ourselves, which I then provided with a swirl pure chocolate. Really delicious!

This week I made one of the recipes of the website of Steviala
The Sugar Free Marshmallows

I adjusted the recipe a bit. To make it a little one but much didn't have to be adjusted. The recipe is brilliant.

I used toko flavor, banana taste, and some extra flavor drops in the taste banana from Myprotein, and some yellow dye. (Always pay attention to the ingredients and nutritional value for all possible taste / odor / color fabrics)

Then I adapted the chocolate recipe for this Marshmallows with Chiazaad and Chile. (I used 40 grams of chocolate for covering the bacon) The bacon is wonderfully sweet, which in combination with the bitter, spicy chocolate is really an ultimate combination for me.

And the best thing of all:
The whole recipe fitted in my daytime and, before this blog was written at all, disappeared into my ketobuikkie.

Vary your keto-lifestyle fun! Go ahead! Dare!

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