Are you going to stop Keto?

This is the question that people who have been eating with ketogenic food for a while have certainly already had. Most likely the weight of people on weight.

"Now you're ready to lose weight, then you're gonna stop with Keto?"

No, no, no, no, no. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Because the waste is only one of those little pieces of ketogenic food.

I sometimes experience it as a kind of mission to let everyone know with ketosis. The feeling, the tranquility that it can bring in your head, the energy that you feel through your body, the focus, and yes, the combustion.

Yesterday, I had to go to the dentist, I think that ' s a hell. I used to take a few shots of vodka for my visit, but the option is no longer there. My own sister is a dentist, but I am not going to be aware of her in practice. I'm too scared to ever bite her fingers off.
I don't actually have any holes in my life. Just a little toothstone behind my clip of the braces. When cleaning it (especially electric), the tears often roll over my cheeks. This time, the assistant began talking about keto. How I had fallen out so much, what I had done and how I got there. Between cleaning, I was allowed to share a piece of my passion with her. So I was so quiet, so engaged with what I like to share, that I did not take the treatment at all as an exciting one.

These kinds of events tell me that I'm doing well. That it is right for me not only to eat ketone, but also to adopt this as my passion. To help people, to give small seats or big spades under their buttocks.

I ' m there to share recipes and to share passion. That makes me happy. That strengthens me, and with that I strongly support you!

I'd like to sum up the benefits of ketoogenic-food for a while before you go to ...
-Weight loss
-More energy AND on a constanter level
-Cognitive better
-Mentally brighter
-Improvement of physical ailments, think of acné, headache, inflammations.

Are you going on an adventure, too?
As on my instagram, my DM is always open. For the less digitally driven people among us, I mean that you can send me a message via my instagram page.

If you ask me whether I'm on weight with ketoogenic eating, my answer is very short and simple in any case.


Love: Lovels, Bibi


  • Posted on by Greet

    Heel mooi gezegd Bibi. De passie straalt er zo vanaf. Ik word er instant blij van dat dit mssn ook wel eens voor mij gaat lukken. Passie, gedrevenheid… gewoon zalig ❤

  • Posted on by Faat

    Weer een fijne blog Bibi! En ook super fijn dat het bij de tandarts meeviel 💪🏾🧡

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