From ketose! and what now?

As you may all know is my part of the knowledge, especially based on my own experiences and listening to and talking to people around me. This blog is therefore in response to what I have been happening everywhere for a few days and what eventually happened to me.

Powdered sugar in the air
I have been saying for a few days, it is as if the universe is spreading powdered sugar. Numerous people in my DM on Instagram are thrown out of their state of ketosis these days. They don't get in it, or obtain, without having eaten sugar, not the results in their blood measurement they would like. As if we are all in breach of sugar.

I myself was also 'victim' yesterday and that nota on day 3 of an eggfast. A fast way that you should bring deeper into ketosis. My ketone value came out at 0.3, from ketosis.

The primary reactions:
When seeing those values, a number of processes are initiated with me, mentally. I get sad and angry. Frustrated too. I experience a feeling of powerlessness and wonder why.

All primary reactions to a blood measurement, actually not relevant. I wrote in this blog about all the responses that it evokes to me because I don't know that I am not the only one. Because I knew that more people droughgling and blame themselves when a measurement does not specify where they have done their best.

I feel after such a rash (let's just call it for the convenience) really a fowl. A bit of a fatal one too. The feeling of powerlessness takes over and I really want to cry out immediately in all my calling arts. I did that. You sometimes need help. Sometimes you need someone to tell you what you already know. To be able to pick it up again and to take it easy. I am very happy that in my case Romana, Biancaand of course Jasper Always are preparing to look with. What happened, where can it be much more much more important: what is now needed to get up, and bypass. In my case that's rest. Looking back on where I come from.

Take a look at what you have already achieved
Look at how you have grown, or actually, shrunk, and just return to the base. It helps me to realize at such a moment that a result is just a number at a meter. It helps me to realize that I knew that I didn't eat wrong, and that this "error" was not with me. Realizing that your body cannot be programmed and sometimes makes a completely different decisions than what you pursue. This all follows those first emotions.

And then SUG:
Yes in between all those emotions, then suddenly comes that voice: if you are already out of ketosis, you can eat that sandwiches with sprinkles. If you are already out of ketosis, you can just as well push that pizza into your mik, but I have put a stop to that. Honest is fair, that is of course not always possible, and I am sweet for yourself if you didn't succeed. I gave myself what I needed, some extra porridge, chicken and cheese. I considered my macros as lost and really started focusing on today.

A new day
Today was a new day, and day to just do something good for my body. The day that just started again ... I gave me no less food, I was not stricter, and decided not to fast. I tried to show my body and my mind that I would take good care of them.

And that sounds so nicely controlled, and they are holy that believe. But who can read between the rules, or now knows me a bit. Know that Valhalla is quite a walk.
But walk I can.

Have you been from ketose? Or has something happened around food, body and members that you have no influence on. Let your primary and secondary emotions there. Then try to stand still for a moment, and you realize that you are never alone.

Do you want to talk about further? Mine DM on Instagram Is always open!



  • Posted on by Anneke

    Wauw, ik dacht echt dat ik de enige was!! Een hele week niet in ketose verleden week en tóch nog steeds hetzelfde eten als alle weken ervoor. Ik begrijp er niets van 😞 Ik ben helaas wel gezwicht toen er een vriend aan de deur stond met taart en besloot dan maar de hele dag te eten wat “niet mag”… Vandaag aan het vasten en sporten en hopen dat ik vanaf morgen er weer tegenaan kan met mooie waarden op die keto Mojo 🤞

  • Posted on by Marlous

    Hi Bibi!

    Mooi artikel en ook voor mij heel erg herkenbaar. De gehele week niet in ketose en waar het door komt? Werkelijk geen idee! En ja dat frustreert zeker. Ik ga uiteraard gewoon door en hoop over een paar dagen (liefst NU) wel weer in ketose te zijn. ‘Cause we’ve got this! 🙌🏻 Liefs, Marlous (Marlouzie @ IG)

  • Posted on by Natasja

    Hey Bibi, jammer om te lezen dat jij nu ook zo’n struggle moment hebt. Zo herkenbaar wat je schrijft, de adviezen die je mij gaf 2 weken terug moet je nu zelf te harte nemen.
    Ik zit nog steeds niet lekker in ketose, niet zoals ik wil, maar ik ga wel door gewoon omdat ik lief voor mezelf ben! Wees jij ook lief voor jezelf en kijk iedere dag, meerdere keren terug naar wat je al bereikt hebt, dat doe ik ook en dat maakt de struggles wel handelbaar. Geen paniek, rustig ademhalen, laat de waardes even de waardes en lees je lijf! Adviezen van jou aan mij, van mij aan jou! Liefs Natasja

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